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Calling Jim P.

In progress, calling jim

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9/9/21, 12:32 AM

Speaking to him, he is asking about properties that we are selling, wants to move asap

Calling past client list for referrals

Calling list of 30 past clients for referrals

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9/9/21, 12:38 AM

Spoke to 5 clients, got 1 referral

Creating Landing page for new listing

Creating Landing page for listing at 123 main st

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9/9/21, 12:36 AM

Creating social media post

Posting to FB, IG, YT, promoting new listing at 123 Main St

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9/9/21, 12:34 AM

Created 3 posts, to be auto-posted throughout the day

Responding to client email

Replied to email

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9/9/21, 12:33 AM

copied agent on email

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